Brian W. Schoeneman SURPRISE says I should resign

  Brian W. Schoeneman, an attorney who writes a blog which has been very critical of me, responded to say “Yes you should resign.”  No, I did not approve the publication of his post for my new blog, where he sent it.  But thanks for writing Brian, and as you can see, I’m sharing what you said, with my friends.

 He has his own blog and has had plenty to say about me.   Not nice at all.

 In fact, there’s plenty we don’t agree on, from conservative and other policies very popular among people of faith in the GOP, to what we each think of President Donald Trump and more.  The sort of writings appear on Brian’s blog which are very popular with moderate, liberal and establishment Republicans.

 In fact, some of my non-attorney friends have urged me to retain legal counsel to review some of the comments made about me on very unfriendly blogs, which they call libelous, defamation of character and legally actionable.  

 More simply, I say they are lying about me.

 I won’t label Brian or any other particular blog or person that way, but just saying, if I had the money I’d have a lot of the lies said about me, reviewed by an attorney experienced in libel law who can advise me of my legal options.

 That is why I am setting up a gofundme page and searching for a lawyer who might be willing to donate a portion of his time to helping me (if you are one or can recommend one please write to me).

 So, let me make an offer to Brian.

 If he allows my entire first post (go to to go on his blog/website without editing it or changing it around onto, his website, or claiming I said things I clearly never said, then I’ll be happy to approve his “comment” at my blog.  

 If he provides my email to his subscribers which is in my email, I’ll permit him to have a similar link on my blog (website) too.

 For too long, the liberal-left leaning Republicans who seem to hate Donald Trump, his supporters, people of faith (especially conservative, church-going Christians), coalition conservatives and defense conservatives as much as the radical left Democrats do, have had a communications monopoly.  

 With my we aim to tell the other side of the story from now on.  

 If you want to subscribe,   

 Use that email if you want to make a deal Brian, to allow opposing views in a fair way.  From what I’ve seen of your website/blog it will be a new experience for you, and perhaps a very refreshing idea – both sides, fairly, without lies, without smears, without the defamation, without the hate.  Hope you consider it.

 Of course, some of my friends who know about Saul Alinsky, will say the reason the left and their friends and imitators use his demonize and destroy tactics, is because so often, it works.  Why allow your target, they reason, the chance to have equal time, and blow away your lies?

 Anybody want to wager on whether Brian W. Schoeneman, will take me up on my offer?


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