Fredy Burgos Rejects VA GOP Lynch Mob Demand to Resign

  1. By Fredy Burgos,

(Thurs. 2/22) I received notice tonight of a meeting to expel me from the GOP State Central Committee, signed by John Whitbeck, VA GOP Chairman, which concludes with this false and defamatory statement:

“Your bigoted attacks on Catholics, Jews, Muslims, immigrants and many other groups on social media have led to negative national media coverage across television, radio, print, and the internet, and portrayed our Party in a manner that hurts our ability to win elections.”

I reject this demand, deny the false claims, and state the following about this intolerant, bigoted and hateful attack on me.

My concern in addressing calls for me to resign, is that I very much want my day in court, due process as the Party Plan describes for the good of the Party.  I want my reputation back, which liberal Republicans have worked to defame and ruin by going directly to the media rather than going through due process from the beginning.

Some establishment and liberal Republicans are now saying I do not deserve this due process as a GOP party official.  They have in writing admitted that I have done nothing different than what President Trump has done in taking a stance they might not agree with and not want to defend, except that since I (they say) can’t defend myself as well as the President can.  So, in my case they say, I should just be dumped because of what some liberal Republicans who appear to hate conservatives and hate Christians, claim that I said.

I want to clear my name.  I want Committee members who are being asked to sign a petition to remove me, to consider my side of this, and consider the short term and long-term damage they will do to our party and to our cause if they join this one-sided, liberal GOP inspired lynch mob to remove me from the State Central Committee.

Liberal Republicans, aided by their usual allies, establishment-minded, no-issue Republicans, have made me a battle flag for their cause.  These are the people who have made very clear in their effort to recruit GOP committeemen to their new cause of removing me from the State Central Committee that they hate me for the very same reasons that they hate President Donald Trump.

This fact – that they hate Donald Trump and are using me as a local Fairfax and Virginia surrogate to punish in the President’s place – was recognized on the left as the liberal and establishment Republicans have received the dubious distinction, in addition to all of the anti-GOP media coverage they successfully solicited in the past week, of being covered in the Blue Virginia blog.

This liberal-leftwing blog correctly labeled these hate-conservative, GOP moderates and establishment allies as hypocrites, perhaps the only thing conservatives will ever agree with them about.

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