Fredy Burgos Reply to VA GOP Chairman Demand to Resign and notice of meeting to Expel

Breaking News (summary)Having just received notice of a meeting of the GOP State Central Committee for Virginia to remove him from that body, Fredy Burgos responded by saying he will not resign his seat but looks forward to having his day in court and the opportunity to confront his accusers.

Fredy repudiates the lies and defamations said about him to persuade so many to find him guilty without ever hearing his side.  He has started his own blog to share his side of the issues that so many of what he calls “liberals and no-issue establishment Republicans” find abhorrent.

Simply put, to attract more Spanish speaking and other new Americans (immigrants) to the GOP, you treat them with respect and you address the issues of concern to them, says Fredy Burgos.  You do the same with people of faith to attract them.

That is exactly the reverse of what has been happening with their treatment of Fredy Burgos, who looks forward to having his day in court and having his reputation restored after a week of defamation of his character.

Fredy Burgos has also pledged to use a new blog to report on current events including the activities of liberal and establishment Republicans to purge from leadership those who are people of faith and who are conservative, church going Christians appealing to minorities including Hispanics to join the GOP.

Fredy’s new blog is (subscribe  His full statement on the announcement of a meeting to purge him, will be posted shortly here and at his his website and at his Facebook page.  To those within the GOP who hate President Trump, conservatives and people of faith, Fredy says, “I’ll be watching you.”

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