My response to John Whitbeck Demand to Resign

The Only Church-going conservative, Spanish Speaking, Hispanic, Immigrant Member of VA GOP State Central Committee Responds to Notice to Expel Him from State Chairman

by Fredy Burgos, GOP State Central Committee Member,
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I have now received official word that there will be a meeting to remove me from the GOP State Central Committee.   Republican Party of Virginia State Chairman John Whitbeck says they have more than the 1/3 vote needed to call a meeting to remove me from the State Central Committee.  In fact he proudly tells me, they have more than the two-thirds vote need to remove me at the meeting.

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The official leader of the Republican Party for my state has labeled me a “racist” and a “bigot” because I have used my social media page to advocate for conservative positions that he does not agree with or want to see emphasized by the GOP.  Without ever hearing my side, I have already been pronounced “guilty” and they say I will be removed from the Republican State Central Committee unless I resign first.

I responded with my 2nd message post of my new BurgosTRUTH Blog within 3 hours of the notice I was given at 9:22 PM on Friday night.  In my written response to RPV Chairman Whitbeck, I asked that in fairness he should send my response (see Should I resign from my GOP Leadership Position?) to every member of the State Central Committee plus anyone else that he sent his one-sided message out to.  I wrote him again now as this new (third) message is being posted to ask that this new, second post also be sent to the same GOP state committee members who received the defamatory, false and hurtful materials about me from him.

John Whitbeck should be fair and allow me to respond to their one-sided attacks on me by emailing out my response, sending it to the same people he sent out his one-sided message to.

The fact is, without ever having heard my side of this dispute, with wild lies about what I said being sent to them, and with a virtual trial by smear in blogs and emails, now underway for more than one week, John Whitbeck and those who signed the petition he sent to them, are telling me that it is now a mere formality to execute an already pre-ordained verdict of “guilty” against me – thereby officially labeling me a “bigot” and a “racist” and as someone who hates Jews, Catholics, Muslims and immigrants.

The language being used on me is almost exactly that used against conservatives from President Donald Trump himself on down to people with Facebook friend pages who advocate for conservatives.

This latest firestorm kicked off when I quoted on my Facebook page using a meme I had found, citing the exact words advocating for the election of Christians to office in America, written by the first Supreme Court Justice of the United States, appointed by George Washington.  I removed the quote (see Wallbuilders if you want to read it) immediately upon request from RPV chairman John Whitbeck.

This quote from Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Jay that appears on the website of Wallbuilders, is hardly an “extremist” post.  Nor would any reasonable person – Republican or Democrat – say that two such founders of our country are totally ignorant about the Constitution of the United States, which is what they have said of me and which has been echoed in liberal-left blogs and repeated in the newspapers and other places where they sent their defamatory attacks on me to.

Now John Whitbeck suggested that I should go along with this one-sided farce by quietly resigning form my GOP leadership. Whitbeck’s letter to me this past Friday night concludes, “I again ask you to resign for the good of the Party.|”

I’ve been thinking and praying and consulting friends about this for the past week.  I spent several hours on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference to ask fellow conservatives what they think I should do, not arriving to even see my family again until very late that night.

I am so thankful for the good wishes and prayers and encouragement I received from Virginia conservatives who are active in the Republican Party of Virginia who spent time with me Friday night.  Thank you so much and God bless you.

Knowing this “missile” was “in the air” and headed for me, I’ve been drafting a written response in the form of a detailed and reasoned essay, for the past week.  This 2nd, new message is still but a preliminary response to the “official” notice I have just received that without any response from me I have already been “convicted” and just await the minor formality of the actual meeting in 30 days.

My more detailed and issue-focused essay, is now nearly ready.  I will be happy to send a copy of it to anyone who writes to me,, when it is completed within the next one week.  It will also be published at my new and with a link at my Facebook page.

Let me just say this now, very clearly, in response to this demand on me.

I won’t resign.

Now, it is a matter of honor.

And I won’t “go gentle into that good night” either, as the poet Dylan Thomas wrote.

Like many other state and local Republican Party organizations as well as the national GOP committees, our Virginia GOP often says that one of its major goals is to foster diversity and a welcoming hand to Hispanics, newer Americans (immigrants) and blacks.

Yet reports have reached me during this entire past week, that the very top leadership of the party has been working diligently before I got the official notice on Thursday night of their success – not in sending a signal of inclusiveness to those constituencies they claim interest in but exactly the reverse.

Let me be sure you understand that the local county chairman, busy at work trying to make sure that another establishment Republican just like himself will be his successor as the next GOP County Chairman, has also joined in the lynch mob.

If anything, I am sure that Matt Ames would want liberal and establishment Republicans to give him credit for saying even more outrageous, false and defamatory things about me that John Whitbeck did.  And, he would surely want everyone to know that his written attacks on me began even earlier than the attack by John Whitbeck.  I’ll write more about him later but let me just say, these two, Matt Ames and John Whitbeck, are doing their best to win the “who smeared Fredy Burgos Best” Award this past week.

This alliance of Whitbeck and Ames, the liberal and establishment GOP, the insiders of the Republican Party and the supposed outsiders like the liberal left GOP blog Bearing Drift, have even bene successful in obtaining mainstream media coverage of their unfair, hateful and false attacks on me.

So, here in one of the most liberal and diverse regions of America – Fairfax County, Virginia – the official GOP state and county leaders are doing the precise reverse of an outreach effort to the communities that it claims a desire to reach out to.

The Thursday night communication from John Whitbeck says that that the one Hispanic, Spanish speaking, Christian-conservative member of the State GOP Central Committee they have, namely me the undersigned, after a week of trial by blog and by smear, and with no attempt to hear my side of anything, and relying upon innuendo and false claims, will soon be kicked out of his GOP leadership position.  They have the formality of a hearing ahead of us, but the message I got is, it is already a done deal.

This is a truly Orwellian move of epic proportions, where they plan to kick out the one member of the GOP State Central Committee who has shown the ability to reach more blacks, Hispanics, people of faith and new Americans than any other candidate in a more liberal part of the state.

Further, in a time when the Republican Party says it needs more donor and volunteer support, they are on the verge of kicking out of GOP leadership, an individual they have frequently recognized in the past, as being one of their most selfless, tireless and devoted volunteers – namely the undersigned.

There have always been differences in viewpoints on many issues within the GOP.  Having a “big tent” means that even if the majority don’t agree with people of faith, for example, to attract them to the party and build winning electoral coalitions you treat their leaders and their issues with respect.

The best way to reach the communities you hope to persuade to vote for Republican candidates is to appeal to them based on the issues of interest to them – as President Donald Trump successfully did in several key battleground states in 2016.

President Trump followed exactly the advice of President Ronald Reagan from 1974 in his remarks to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to “hold up a banner of no pale pastels but of bold and vibrant colors” as a way to win elections.

Keep in mind Dear Reader, that this CPAC is something you’d never catch any of my critics attending.  Nope.  Not a chance.  But if you are a conservative you would not at all be surprised to see conservatives who support candidates like Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate in attendance.  This year once again Corey himself was in attendance, one of the people I chatted with on Friday.

And also appearing at this CPAC – the conference my critics would never attend – was President Donald Trump, who gave a terrific speech for the second year at Ntional Harbor, MD just over the river.  President Reagan spoke 13 times at this CPAC.

But lets be real clear about this.  When I say “Reagan” and “Trump” that is a red flag that makes liberal and establishment Republicans angry – which is why they have targeted me to eliminate from the GOP State Central Committee.

Like President Reagan before him, our President Trump ran on the same issues in the primary as he did in the general election.  Like President Reagan before him, our President Trump has governed as he had campaigned.  He did not shift to the left once he won the nomination nor when he won the election.  He stood on principle.  He still does.  And he delivers as he promised he would.

And like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, I too have done my best to stand on principle.  In fact, my beliefs are very much the same as Reagan and Trump, and it should be apparent to fair minded conservatives in Virginia that I have apparently inherited many of the same enemies, such as those who have a bad hair day if our President sends out a strong tweet in the morning.

Like our President, I’ve made a few mistakes, said a few things which perhaps could have been better polished or better said.  And like our President, I won’t apologize for always trying to do what is right, and always trying to communicate and reach out to people with a conservative message of principle.

I am only sorry that I have but one life to give to my party, to my cause, to my country and for my faith, and proudly say that my faith centers on a belief in a divine son of God, Jesus Christ and the trinity of which he is a part.

Like other Christians before me, it is because of my faith that I love diversity and have a love of my fellow man, and know as the Christian founders of Americans and the Roman rules of the 4th century did, that allowing people to practice whatever faith they want is best for society.

You see, we conservatives of the Republican Party recognize that our Almighty Father God created each one of us as individuals, loves each one of us as individuals and will judge each one of us on Judgement Day as individuals.  Liberals try to do everything by interest groups instead.

And some of those liberals ally with establishment Republicans who think the best way to fight liberal Democrats is to emulate their policies, oppose President Trump’s bold pastels or run campaigns devoid of issues and which only focus on the mechanics of “turn out the vote.”

The only thing more abhorrent than racism or bigotry to me, are those who so freely attempt to tar and feather church-going Christians, other people of faith and conservatives, with those two words.

In my faith and the belief system of most of us in what is still a Judeo-Christian nation, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” is still a violation of God’s law.  The Ten Commands are by far a higher standard than anything the GOP State Central Committee can ever vote on.

Their false claims about me violate a far higher law than just my own ideas about common sense and my perhaps naïve belief in fairness.

The way that I have been treated and spoken of this week, the words said about me, make those who utter them an embarrassment to all Republicans.

I would not speak that way about someone who I simply disagreed with on policies, or on tactics.  I would not say such personally insulting things about those I differ with, however wrong I believe such moderates, liberals and no-issue establishment Republicans are.

We have enemies to our left on the national, state and Fairfax County level and we should be aiming our words, our barbs, our actions towards them, including the meetings we have and the publicity we seek.  Not conservatives like me who have volunteered more than 10 years of part time work for our Party and one year of nearly full time work carrying our party’s banner in an election and as the official GOP nominee for state legislature.

The focus for some during the past week has been on how to persuade even some fairly conservative GOP state central committee members, that the biggest threat to electoral success in the upcoming 2018 elections is one Fredy Burgos.

Their actions in this defamatory assault on my personal integrity and character, this distortion of my views, these flat out lies where they make claims of what I said which have no resemblance to reality whatsoever, have already earned the mocking laughter of Blue Virginia and far more attention in some of the mainstream media than anything else they have done recently.

How they will react when their liberal-left Democrat critics say “they have made the Virginia GOP White Again” is for you to guess.

So with frank admissions by Fairfax County GOP Chairman Matt Ames, one of the leaders of the Fredy Burgos Lynch mob, that they actually hate Donald Trump and wish they could do to him what they plan to do to me, I will meet them at their “trial of Fredy Burgos” which has already in advance found me guilty.

Those who whether I will be allowed to remain on the GOP leadership team, should each understand that so far there has been no fairness, no actual debate, and nothing but hatred, falsehoods and defamation of character aimed at the undersigned.

If they focused this much energy on attacking liberal Democrats and trying to help me recruit more Hispanics and people of faith to the GOP we would be a lot closer to winning in the future.

Instead there are still far too many in GOP leadership who believe the best way to beat liberal Democrats is to outright copy their liberal policies.

Perhaps it is obvious to many what is completely missed by these establishment and liberal Republican “leaders.”

If you want to “outreach” to communities where you need more votes you must find members of those communities to speak for you.

I am proud to have done exactly that.  But I don’t just mimic the liberals.  I have not been a lapdog minority member and puppet for establishment Republicans.

So they want to get rid of the one and only member of the GOP State Central Committee who is a conservative, Spanish speaking, Hispanic immigrant and a proud part of the faith community.  They want to remove the only one like me on the GOP State Central Committee.

I believe that all coalition-minded conservatives who want to reach out to blacks, Hispanics, new Americans (immigrants) and people of faith, can best do so with help from those who are part of these communities already.

I am proud to have been an advocate for our values in reaching out to these communities and to average Americans who work, play by the rules and have faith that they we will keep our campaign promises to make America Great Again, with my ten years of volunteer service including one year of my life as a candidate for public office and with my future work for our party and our cause.

Now I ask you.  Does this story make you angry?  If what they are doing to me because I spoke out for our cause makes you angry then you, too, should join me and “rage, rage against the dying of the light” (again, the poet Dylan Thomas).

That is why, inspired by events of this past week and more motivated than ever, I have begun the blog website, Facebook page and e-newsletter BurgosTRUTH\\Seagate-420E0F\rad\a\_usppc\TrumpYes\projects\180217Burgos\blog\

It is why I seek for the first time, donations to help me pay for this effort and to help me seek legal counsel as a partial remedy for the vile defamation of character I have endured.  I urge those who will make common cause with me to donate HERE and to subscribe and support me by writing

Liberals and no-issue establishment Republicans who dislike or even hate President Trump, I have a message for you: I’ll be watching you.  And reporting here at BurgosTRUTH.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.


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