Should I resign from my GOP Leadership Position?

By Fredy Burgos,

(Wed 2/21) Let me address the irony of this liberal and establishment Republican effort to exclude me, an elected GOP state committeeman and loyal GOP volunteer worker, from our party leadership.  I say it is ironic, because only a few weeks ago on January 16, we celebrated here in Virginia and in fact all across America, Religious Freedom Day.

President Trump recognized this day when government so firmly acknowledged that our freedom is a gift from God, not a grant from government.

Those in the Republican Party who would run from this American legacy do not represent the majority of our countrymen, and most especially not the majority of our Republican Party.

I fully embrace and support the idea of religious pluralism, for the first time in the history of the world enacted as a government policy in the 4th century with the rise of Christians in Rome to the seat of power.

Religious pluralism – the right to practice whatever religion you want – became the policy of government in the 4th century thanks to Christians.  It became a founding policy of America, once again, thanks to Christians who declared independence in 1776.

In citing a quote I found from the wonderful website, Wallbuilders, quoting the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice, John Jay, I did not in any way suggest a religious test, and certainly did not say people of one faith should not be allowed to hold office as my critics now claim I have said.  They are lying, they are defaming me.

Instead, I favor a stronger effort to appeal to people of faith, to new Americans (immigrants) like me, to blacks, to all minorities, as Donald Trump did in the 2016 election campaign.  That’s how we can continue to win elections.

I have conservative friends who think I should resign and those who say I should stand.  I am considering these views right now, praying, and will shortly decide whether resigning from the GOP party position which I was elected to for the State GOP in Virginia, is the best way I can serve our cause.

Or should I stand and fight?

Whichever choice I make – to resign or to stand and fight, let me tell you this.  I won’t go silently into the night.  I recognize that in this fight, there are a large number of liberal, anti-conservative and establishment Republican allies who hate conservatives and will do anything to hurt us that they can.

These are the same people who always say they hate Donald Trump or that his tweets embarrass them.

They are the people who fight us regularly within the GOP on the local, state and national levels.

These are the people who think it is perfectly appropriate to put me on trial by media including by left-leaning, pretend GOP blogs, and ask GOP Committeemen to sign a petition to remove me from the GOP office to which I was elected, without ever hearing my side of it.

The fact that these liberal and establishment GOP allies have persuaded so many to do just that, remove me from my elected position as a GOP State Central Committee member, is testament to their power and influence within the GOP, the gullibility of some, and the work that remains to be done to better organize the conservative and pro-family side of the argument within the GOP.

My fate shows how far we have yet to go to really be able to say that the Republican Party is friendly and welcoming to people of faith, conservative Hispanics, blacks and minorities.

Whether or not I’m a GOP State and County Committeeman in the future isn’t the only way I will remain active in the political process.

I’m launching my own blog, with a Facebook page and email version, to speak out in the future.

I’ll continue to watch what is going on, speak out about what I think are good solutions to the issues we face, help educate my fellow Americans and turn out voters on election day. will become a new outlet for these activities and I invite you to stay in touch by writing to let me know you I should add you to my e-newsletter list,

The truth will set us free.  I’ll be watching them.  And reporting.

On the question of whether I should resign or stand and fight, I’m close to a decision, after a week of prayer, meditation, study and consulting some close friends.

Feel free to write to me directly if you want to express an opinion, either by email or via my Facebook page.  Please don’t waste my time by repeating the lies said about me which are untrue.  I value your opinion. I value the truth.  Our party and most certainly the undersigned, have no use for the lies and smears.

Note. Regardless of whether I decide to resign or to stand and fight, you might wish to donate to help me pay for legal counsel to consider a defamation of character lawsuit against those who have smeared me and whose efforts continue.  I would love to hear from an attorney who might donate part of his hours to this cause, and from those who can donate to help pay for the legal help I need.

Repeating the lie that I hate Jews, is hateful, false, defamatory, and hurtful.  I have been told this meets the threshold test for a libel lawsuit.  I have no money to pay for this and of course, am not an attorney.  To help me and to stay in touch, write to me at or write c/o my Facebook page.

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