George Orwell would be proud of John C. Whitbeck, Jr.

Getting rid of their best hope to reach Latinos, Blacks, Value Voters and boost conservative participation in GOP, in the name of stopping a bigot and racist.


In this new media age in which we live, the slightest lapse by any conservative or Republican in public life so often results in immediate charges of “racist and bigot,” repeated by all the usually reliable organs of the liberal party line, such as Blue Virginia and Bearing Drift.  Very often, without even the slightest reason, anyone proposing conservative solutions to the problems our country faces, gets so branded.  That’s the brand the Virginia GOP Chairman is trying to stamp on me right now.

Perhaps no President in history has had this said of him – racist, bigot – more often and more repeatedly than President Trump.  But move over President Trump, because here in Virginia it seems I am the new “bad boy” target for those hurling such acrimonious invective at us conservatives.

It is hardly surprising that an uncompromising conservative like the undersigned, who loves President Trump in the part of the state where he is least popular, would be targeted by leftists who want to destroy my name and end my ability to influence public policy in America.

What is disappointing is that the alliance of state liberal and establishment Republicans aiming to remove me as a locally elected member of the GOP State Committee this coming Saturday, has actually managed to pressure or persuade some conservatives to ignore what really was said by me, and join the lynch mob claims of what they claim I stand for – a hateful, bigoted, racist and FALSE version of who I really am.

Who is Fredy Burgos?

The truth is simple.  I’m the same fellow who has worked for the GOP candidates and the conservative cause for the past ten years and who was elected to the State Central Committee from my local district.  Let me tell you what I wrote on my Facebook page about this two years ago, right HERE.

This is a reminder why I was elected to the Republican Party of Virginia, State Central Committee (RPV SCC).

The 11th Congressional District is the largest foreign minority district in all of Virginia.  

I am the only Spanish speaking Latino on the RPV SCC.

I am the only VA GOP elected official defending President Trump and Republican candidates on Spanish speaking media, which is the largest media platform in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

I am currently the highest vote getter from the 11th District Convention from 2016.

In spite of not signing up a single delegate to the convention, I received 53% of the vote out of 8 candidates and was elected on the first ballot, unlike others who won with a lesser percentage or with repeated ballots.

I represent a snapshot of the most unique district in Virginia, a district that has a different perspective on issues.

The proposal by GOP State Chairman John Whitbeck to remove me, is a truly Orwellian move of epic proportions, where the SCC plans to kick out the one member of the GOP State Central Committee who has shown the ability to reach more blacks, Hispanics, people of faith and new Americans than any other candidate in a more liberal part of the state.

What makes this Orwellian, is that the one Latino immigrant is being kicked out in the name of stopping racism and bigotry and hate.  This is an absurdity.

Who is the victim of racism, bigotry, hatred?

Isn’t it me who is the victim of racism, bigotry and hatred – hatred of Christian, conservative, values voter, brown skinned, a Spanish speaking minority who best appeals to people in his group and to other minorities including blacks?

If it is true – as popularized in the movie Forrest Gump, that “stupid is as stupid does,” the question is, how stupid is it to vote to kick me out, when I represent the best possible way to appeal to voter groups which the Republican Party desperately needs to reach out to?

And the Forrest Gump movie raises the point made by some of my defenders last week – Liberal is as Liberal does.  Are those voting to kick me out, prepared to be labeled forever after, as liberals, because they are doing the dirty work of the liberal-left Democrat Blue Virginia blog and the liberal-GOP Bearing Drift blog.

In a time when the Republican Party says it needs more donor and volunteer support, they are on the verge of kicking out of GOP leadership, an individual they have frequently recognized in the past, as being one of their most selfless, tireless and devoted volunteers – namely the undersigned.

Why would any conservative stand with these liberals on Saturday morning and vote to at least give the appearance of racism, bigotry and hatred to the Republican Party of Virginia, by kicking out of their leadership, one of their most reliable ambassadors to the very communities they want to reach?

Perhaps the original is what applies, and it isn’t a cabal of liberals whose handiwork we’ll be seeing on Saturday.  Is it “stupid is as stupid does,” or is it “liberal is as liberal does”?  Or perhaps, both?  

Is it any wonder why some conservatives have long ago branded the GOP as “the stupid party”?

Unless there is a big change by Saturday morning, they will have me as Exhibit A that both are true, after Saturday morning in Richmond, VA – liberal, and stupid, both.  Welcome to the new Republican Party.  Ironically, exactly one week from the day that Fairfax County GOP convention delegates turned away from the establishment liberals to give new hope for the future, by electing our conservative alternative, Tim Hannigan, as the new County Chairman.  Message to RPV-SCC: don’t brand yourself as liberal, stupid or both, and anti-GOP grassroots on Saturday morning.

What I said 2 years ago

They are making false claims about me, all part of their smear campaign.  But what did I say two years ago?  It was clear who I am then, and I haven’t changed my purpose and what motivates me.  See for yourself, at my Facebook page, a flashback to two years ago, HERE.



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