How about a REAL Outreach to Hispanics, Blacks in Virginia?

Virginia GOP to decide one week from Saturday whether to follow Texas, which voted to renominate Senator Ted Cruz with 85% of the vote this past Tuesday

No wonder Texas is Red and Virginia is Blue. Why GOP should keep Fredy Burgos on State Central Committee so we too can appeal to Spanish speaking Hispanics


(Mon. 3/12) One week from this coming Saturday, the governing body of the Republican Party of Virginia will decide whether to follow Texas, which renominated their U.S. Senator Ted Cruz by a large margin in their primary this past Tuesday, March 6.  A million and a half Texas Republicans showed up at the polls to give the Spanish speaking son of Cuban immigrants a decisive 85% primary victory, while his Democratic rival mustered 1 million votes and 62%.

No news media outlet anywhere in America headlined the fact that Senator Ted “Rafael Edward” Cruz earned more than twice the votes on March 6 as the Democrat – 1,317,450 votes versus 641,337 votes.  Imagine that – a real Spanish speaking son of immigrants who can beat the Democrat by a two-to-one margin in an increasingly Hispanic, immigrant dominated state.  Is it any surprise that this news has been totally unreported (go ahead and google it to see for yourself – you won’t find it except HERE if you scroll down).

This is the sort of news usually ignored by the mainstream media, which prefers to keep their focus on Republican-on-Republican attacks, such as those you see so often directed at President Trump and conservatives like the undersigned.

This Texas voting result should be of particular interest to those Republicans in Virginia who might be tired of the 10 in a row losing streak in statewide races by the establishment Republicans led by State Chairman John Whitbeck, stooge for the liberal-left, GOP critic Bearing Drift blog.  

Whitbeck’s new strategy for winning in 2018 is to try to use me as a scapegoat for his losing ways.  His demand to expel me from the GOP State Central Committee because of my straight conservative appeal to values voters, blacks and Hispanics, is set to be rubber stamped on Saturday, March 24 in Richmond, Virginia.  I have started this blog as my effort to speak truth to power in the Virginia GOP.

The issue is they are trying to make out of me, is that by expelling me from the GOP they have a better chance of winning in the future and stopping this 10-in-a-row losing streak.  Let me take exception.  Among other things, I point to Texas, Ted “Rafael Edward” Cruz” and the fact that he outpolled his Democrat rival by 2-to-1 in the voting this past Tuesday.

He won this victory – a harbinger of victory in the November contest – the same way that Donald Trump won the 2016 election and by doing what I have advocated – he campaigned on the issues of interest to voters and he spoke to them in their own language.  In my case as with Texas and Ted Cruz, I too speak Spanish and am the son of immigrants, and an evangelic, church-going conservative.

As a conservative Republican I believe that we can win people’s heart’s when we speak out on issues that touch them and offer workable, common-sense solutions.  Not all Republican leaders in Virginia agree with me on this.  

Because Donald Trump did exactly this, he won first the nomination of his party and then the election.  Because I have done the same thing in Virginia, the same people who still hate Donald Trump, have now proposed expelling me from the governing body of the State GOP that I was elected to in 2016.  

One of those demanding I be removed from any GOP leadership position, outgoing Fairfax County GOP Chairman, Matt Ames, was even quoted in the liberal-left Blue Virginia blog for saying that I am just as bad as Donald Trump except in my case, they can get rid of me.  

Now, before they remove me, the only GOP State Central Committee member who speaks to the Hispanic, black and people of faith communities as one of their members, let me explain – you sure won’t get this from their “explanation,” which consists of the same hysterical and false claims that we always see from the liberal-left – that we conservatives are bigots, racists, anti-Jew and cannot hope to win.  This from a leadership cadre that admits they have lost 10 state elections in a row in Virginia, as GOP State Chairman John Whitbeck admitted in a recent radio interview.  

Nothing is more important to many people’s lives than their children.  

I believe all parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, and even the children of our friends and all citizens, are precious.  There are no color boundary lines in America for this sentiment.  Regardless of whether you are lily white like those trying to kick me out of the Republican Party, or like me are brown-skinned, or you are black or yellow – we all love our children.  

And most everyone knows that, aside from faith and family, nothing affects the future of children more than their education. The large Latino and black community in Fairfax County see their children’s failing test results and ask themselves, why?  

How, they wonder, can we be paying so much money in taxes, and have such terrible results for their children?  How can we be spending more than most any other jurisdiction in America here in northern Virginia, yet our children score so terribly on objective and standard tests?  

The lack of choice in education is the answer.

I helped Middle Resolution and the Delegate from the 33rd District, David LaRock, on a school choice legislation Bill that Delegate LaRock embraced and championed 2015 and finally had go to the governors desk twice.  What was needed to get traction was to have communities that are most affected by the lack of choice to support it.  I went to work.

I joined the Fairfax County NAACP to actually participate and build relationships to inform and help them realize that choice in education is part of the solution to lift their children from the terrible SOL test results.

That’s right, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People includes one Fredy Burgos as a member.  And why not?  Contrary to the claims of those who want to expand the party by kicking me out, the people with the awful track record of appealing to Hispanics and blacks, I sincerely do believe in the idea of helping “advance” blacks and Hispanics.  And as a conservative, I offer specific solutions, not just general platitudes.

After nearly a year as a member, in 2015, I was blessed because I was able to convince the President of the Fairfax County NAACP to endorse the Delegate David LaRock legislation.

Even more incredibly, we were able to have the Virginia State NAACP endorse the Bill and work together to try to “advance” the future of our children.  All of our children.  This terrorized the Democrats and that made it even sweeter.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was personally responsible for creating an alliance on this issue of Tea Party conservatives and the NAACP together to hold hands on an issue that matters.  It was a historic moment in time here in Virginia for the conservative movement.  But, this successful, winning tactic went almost completely unreported by the major media (one exception HERE) and ignored by our GOP state leadership, who think expelling architects of such an effort is the best way to win future victories.

Since my first language is Spanish I was able build a year-long relationship with one the largest all Latino church in Fairfax County.  I was able to inform the pastor of the Church how our Latino children scored the lowest in every academic category in Fairfax County and that school choice would be a huge help to solve that problem.  

I was permitted to speak on Sunday’s to promote what we were trying to do and to ask for their support.  The pastor asked me to help them set up English classes for the church because it didn’t have one.  Again, I went to work.

Once again I was blessed and found a wonderful lady who agreed to teach almost every week at the Santa Maria Church even though she had an over booked schedule. She still does to this day. The class was set up to teach not just English but to learn American history and to respect our flag by saying the pledge of allegiance before class and sing  “The Star Spangled Banner,” at the end of the class that which they’ll sing with their fellow new citizens at their swearings-in. 

Very importantly the English classes at Santa Maria were set up so that the students can pass the U.S. Naturalization test.  The crowning results is that there has been a dozen new Americans because they passed their tests because of our class and the count is growing.  The teaching angel, Miss Bunny, is a gift from God.

The outreach has also lead to children benefiting.  Santa Maria had been leasing space to a private Russian elementary school.  Miss Bunny is now teaching ESL three mornings a week to a delightful gaggle of 4- and 5-year-old Russian children, preparing them for kindergarten next year.  As you will hear me say again in this and future blogs, RESPECT is a very important word to those with Latin blood.

Please permit me to repeat: if you want to appeal to Hispanics and other minority communities, roll up your sleeves, make an effort to understand the culture, find those from within the community who will help carry our message, and give them support, respect and appreciation.  

I was able to organize a charter bus and filled it with members of that church. We drove to the General Assembly in Richmond on the day that Delegate LaRock was pitching his legislation to the Senate Education Committee.  

We took up rows of seats and were wearing green colored t-shirt with SEEDS written on it to give a clear signal to all there that we were together as a team who supported this conservative proposal.

We were asked to stand to show who was supporting Delegate David LaRock among the audience.  We stood up as a team.  The legislation passed committee.

Afterwards we gave those church members a tour of the General Assembly building and they were in awe.  I told them that the DNA of our country was from right where we stood.  

America is the only country on earth formed around an idea, that each of us is a creation of an Almighty God who loves us as individuals not just as members of a class or a group.  This is what the students saw in their field trip to Richmond, Virginia and with this alliance of NAACP, Hispanics, immigrants and conservative Republicans.

It was an amazing trip.  The group of first generation Latinos and I will never forget the trip to help our children in Virginia.  This is real tangible outreach that our Republican Party has been dreaming of.  

Since I am now being targeted as a hate-filled, racist and bigot, I have no choice but to come right out and say it: I was the builder of this outreach in the largest foreign minority congressional district of Virginia.  

And its about time that Republican leadership in the county and in the state stop covering up this real outreach – the way that Ted Cruz has done in Texas to earn more than twice the votes of his Democratic opponent in a state dominated by Hispanics.

Since the Richmond trip I have continued to organize more outreach to build relationships with the minority community especially the growing Latino community.  I have also included the Chairman of the 11th Congressional District, Paul Prados, to one of the events where we both were able to speak to the audience.

My actions have been real grassroots activism and why I was elected at the 11th Congressional District Convention on the first ballot.  I received 55% of the vote with 8 candidates running.  I am currently the highest vote getter from the 11th Congressional District.  People like me and embrace me because I am not just talk but all action.  How racist and bigoted of me.  But I have always believed that actions speak louder than words.

Perhaps Virginia is going to reject the advice of Texas, whose Republicans just renominated their Hispanic, Spanish speaking, son of immigrants, namely, conservative, Church-going Senator Ted Cruz.  The Democrats have nothing to match him in appealing to the large number of immigrants in Texas, mainly Hispanic.

The closest Virginia has to this is the undersigned, Fredy Burgos.  Both Texas and Virginia have an increasingly growing community of Hispanic immigrants, which so far, has been the property of the Democrats until President Trump improved GOP vote totals in this group across the country.

Both Senator Cruz of Texas and Fredy Cruz of Virginia are sons of the very group that the GOP need to win elections in the future.  Both of us have shown we can appeal to this increasingly influential voter segment.

Texas is now looking mighty good to retain their Senate seat for GOP by a huge win by renominating Senator Ted Cruz this past Tuesday, March 6, by an 85 percent margin.

One week from this Saturday, the Virginia State Central Committee of the GOP will decide whether to accept or reject that example by deciding if they should throw out their only member with similar credentials because he appeals to the same conservative, church-going, Spanish-speaking immigrants as Ted Cruz.  One thing this community feels very, very strongly about.  Respect.

How they treat Fredy Burgos when they decide whether to follow the demands of the constant GOP critic Bearing Drift and its puppet, GOP state chairman John Whitbeck, will be seen in the vote coming up.  

But after the state chairman who wants me out has admitted he and his allies have lost the last 10 consecutive statewide elections, you would think it is time to get serious about appealing to Hispanics and voters from the faith community with a spokesman who speaks their language, knows their customs, shares their heritage and can get through to them.  Or the Virginia Republicans can ignore the advice of Texas Republicans by sending the undersigned packing and say goodbye to these voters and most likely rack up an 11th statewide loss in 2018.

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