News out of GOP Convention in Fairfax: it’s a Landslide!

Conservative Tim Hannigan Wins Landslide Victory over Establishment Liberal to become new GOP County Chairman


(3/17/18) As most of my subscribers and friends know, a GOP county convention was just held in Fairfax, Virginia, with a classic battle between the establishment-liberal alliance of the Republican Party and conservative Tim Hannigan.

And the winner is Tim Hannigan, by a raw vote of 65-35 massive landslide margin.  

What does this mean for conservatives and for Republicans who hope to win statewide elections in Virginia in the future, after the establishment liberals have lost 10 such races in a row?

It means that at last, the Republican Party in Fairfax will focus its future campaigns on the issues of concern to the voters we want to appeal to.  We can again become the party of Ronald Reagan in Fairfax County.  We can join the rest of the Republican Party in America by becoming an issue-focused, pro-President Trump party.

The victory of Tim Hannigan is bad news for liberal Democrats who always give us their advice that we should be a party that emulates and copies them and echoes their issues.  Today the GOP in Fairfax County rejected that losing strategy that has only made us lose 10 consecutive statewide races in a row.

The most important thing about this contest, is that as always, we conservatives still very much have our work cut out for us, especially in a blue-dominated part of the state like northern Virginia.

As always, we need to articulate conservative solutions to problems people are concerned about.

And as always, we need to make more effective use of all of the tools that will help us win future elections, most especially reaching out to those we hope to win to our side and then turning them out on election day to vote for our principled candidates.

I am elated at the victory of Tim Hannigan, offer him my congratulations and urge all Republicans in Fairfax County to unite under his leadership to win future victories for our cause and for our Party.  

This coming Saturday another gathering of GOP leaders will be convened to make another decision which also affects the future of the Republican Party in Fairfax, Virginia and the nation.

On Saturday at 10 AM in Richmond, the State GOP Central Committee, of which I am an elected member, will convene to decide whether to heed the demand of its state chairman to remove me.

Their claim is that because I have spoken out strongly in favor of the issues of concern to the same constituency that elected Donald Trump as President and just elected Tim Hannigan by a landslide margin in Fairfax – the values voters, an increasing number of immigrants and blacks and voters interested in conservative solutions not liberal “me-too” and issueless politicians – therefore, they claim, Fredy Burgos is a racist, a bigot and acts in a hateful way.

Is there any doubt, any question, that this is exactly the same tactic they have used on first candidate and now President Donald Trump? No matter what he says, no matter what he does, they always bellow and complain that this proves he is a racist, a bigot, and a hateful fellow who should be thrown out, and never mind his winning the election.

The only thing hateful is the continued use by liberal Democrats – and some Republicans who copy them – in throwing this kind of mud against those they don’t agree with.  

The victory in Fairfax, Virginia should send a message, loud and clear, that the grassroots of our party wants issue-focused campaigns in the future.  They don’t want to see our party leaders echoing Democrats in just doing all of this name-calling.

I’ve called this meeting in Richmond on Saturday to throw me out, a “star chamber” proceeding because the outcome is already pre-ordained.  The state chairman who will preside at this meeting called to hear my side of the argument, is already on record saying I am guilty.

Can you imagine if you went into a courtroom to argue for your client as an attorney or as someone there seeking justice, and the presiding judge started the proceedings by announcing the verdict before he ever heard any witnesses or looked at the arguments of both sides in his courtroom?

That’s what we have seen from the United States Justice Department and the FBI and the so-called “independent counsel” supposedly investigating Russian collusion, a crime which does not even exist in federal law.  As we have seen time and time again, the key officials making the decisions are already prejudiced.

It isn’t fair when they do this to President Trump and his supporters.  And it isn’t fair what they plan to do to me, in the name of the Republican Party, as they plan to do on Saturday in Richmond.

As I’ve said, I’ll not go quietly, but will rage against the dying of the light, to quote as I have before the poet who wrote that.

Please watch Richmond this Saturday.  Let your state GOP committeeman who may have already announced how he is voting on the expelling Fredy Burgos, that you are angry about how unfair this is.  Consider joining me.  Your support and your comments are welcome – write to me at  To those who have told me of your support, I thank you.

P.S. Is anybody else celebrating the firing of Andrew McCabe by Attorney General Jeff Session?  Now lets get on with prosecuting criminal wrongdoing and stop covering it up.  I fully support the appointment of a second special Prosecutor as four U.S. Senators just called for this week.  How about you?