Virginia GOP Chairman needs scapegoat after losing 10 Races

John Whitbeck chooses me as his scapegoat, Fredy Burgos, the one conservative, Church-going, Spanish speaking Hispanic immigrant on GOP State Central Committee


As by now most Americans know, Virginia has gone from being a reliably red state which elected Republican Senators, Governors and gave its electoral college votes to Republican candidates for President, to a purple state and now to a fairly reliable bluestate that liberal Democrats can count on.  Under the “leadership” of Republican State Chairman John Whitbeck and his alliance of liberal, moderate and no-issues establishment Republicans, they have racked up a 0 and 10 losing score in the most recent series of state election contests.  They are desperately searching for a scapegoat.  In a recent radio talk show interview (link HERE 2-27-18 RPV Chair Whitbeck John Fredericks Show) they blame it on me.

Yes, they have made me, one of the 80 members of the Republican Party governing body for Virginia, their scapegoat.

And to hear them tell it (in this radio interview and their letters and blogs about me) it, if only the GOP State Central Committee members would vote to kick me out, they can go back to their winning ways in future elections and not be further distracted by me.

In their mad rush to get as much publicity for their recently launched effort to tar and feather me and eject me from as an elected member of the GOP State Central Committee, they even complain that the publicity they are successful in getting from the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the liberal-establishment tail wags the dog Bearing Drift blog and other sources, are all the result of me.  We are drowning in their crocodile tears as their complaints about the “earned media” they sought out, has engulged us.  They are so busy working to win elections, say those who back the State Chairman’s wish to destroy my reputation and my volunteer service of the past decade as a GOP volunteer and local turn-out-the-vote leader, and they are so upset that they have been forced to take time out of their busy schedules to destroy me.

What is this fuss all about?

Well, in this increasingly blue state of Virginia, we have an even more “blue” county where I live in northern Virginia.  And, the liberal Democrats count on driving up the vote totals in Fairfax County – especially including the legal AND illegal community which votes, along with most of the government workers – to create for them a lead that is insurmountable by the votes of the rest of the state.

I’m one of the people in Fairfax, Virginia, that intends to thwart that goal.  So too, is one Lt. Colonel Tim Hanigan, USMC (Ret.) who publishes a conservative local newspaper and is also a volunteer in the Republican Party.  The problem is, Tim Hanigan is an old fashioned Republican – a Reagan-Trump style conservative who believes that by using issues and good old fashioned hard work we can actually take away some of those Democrat votes, increase the turnout of our GOP base while appealing to a center-right coalition.  If that doesn’t give us a majority in a blue area like Fairfax County it could just give us enough votes to help carry Virginia for future statewide races.

So Tim Hanigan offered himself recently as a candidate to be Fairfax County Chairman.

And the establishment-moderate alliance has reacted by trying to make me, a Hanigan supporter, a big issue.  They claim that I am a bigot, hateful, anti-Jew.  They simply make things up out of whole cloth about me and then repeat it over and over again through every means available to them.  When they have success in getting others to repeat their lies about me, then they complain about all of the bad PR I am causing the Republican Party.

The candidate opposing Tim Hanigan is Mike Ginsburg.  Hence, the claims – a very old tactic perfected by Saul Alinsky – that because I don’t support him then I must be against Jews.  It is a despicable tactic when Democrats use it on conservatives and on our President.  It is no less despicable when used in Republican-on-Republican warfare launched by moderates, liberals and their no-issues establishment allies.

Our local Congresswoman (Barbara Comstock), a past critic of President Trump going back to her announced opposition to the GOP nominee running against Hillary Clinton, naturally backs Mike Ginsberg for GOP County Chairman here in Fairfax County.

For those who believe that issues are the secret to our winning elections – making and then keeping our promises – Comstock shows in her Heritage Action for America ratings why she would not want a Tim Hanigan as the Fairfax County Chairman,  By a wide margin she is the worst Republican Congressman from Virginia, voting against the conservative position a majority of her time in office and earning a 49% rating.  That contrasts with Virginia’s other Republican Congressmen like David Bratt (100%), Robert Goodlatte (88%), Tom Garrett (93%), Morgan Griffith (85%) and is nearly 20 percentage points below the House GOP average of 68%.  No wonder Comstock is facing a Republican primary challenger, Shak Hill.

And, anxious to be of service to their ally, John Whitbeck, Bearing Drift and their allies, have now created an artificial crisis about me, demanding my resignation from my elected position on State Central Committee.  Apparently, instead of focusing on issues to choose party leaders and win future elections, they are focusing on emulating the liberal Democrats by demonizing conservatives who don’t agree with their issue-less focus.

It is all a diversionary attack to hurt Tim Hannigan and elect their tool as the new county chairman.  That way they can continue their 0 and 10 “winning” record of running inept and issue-less campaigns.

The furor, they claim, was sparked by a post of mine on my Facebook page.  As I have already written to explain, I made the mistake of quoting the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay, appointed by our first President, George Washington.  According to my critics, I am completely unschooled on the U.S. Constitution, to have relied on the first Chief Justice and the first President, who apparently thought that our country would do well if its citizens elected to office more people of the philosophy and beliefs as them.

Let me explain the sequence so you can see what a phony issue this is, and why it is a despicable tactic being employed to destroy me.

The post in question that has them crying was posted by me on Sunday morning, February 4.

John Whitbeck called me that same day because he said that the Mike Ginsberg campaign called him and asked to remove me from the GOP State Central Committee (SCC) and to remove the post because they thought it was offensive.

On the same day, because I am a team player, and at his request, I removed the post.  I refused to resign because I had done nothing wrong.   I understood the fear that John Whitbeck expressed to me.  He was very worried that if you appeal to people of faith to support the Republican Party you might offend those who do not share their faith.  OK.  So, George Washington and John Jay are wrong.  No worries, the post was gone.

There was no media attention on this phony “issue.”  Democrats didn’t know anything about this because there wasn’t a problem and there wasn’t an issue.

There was no “outcry” for an entire week.  A week after I deleted the post from my Facebook page containing the offensive quote by George Wahsington’s first appointee as Supreme Court Chief Justice, still no problem.

But behind the scenes, aha!!  During that week of the 5th to the 11th, there was preparation for an orchestrated fakenews crisis right out of the liberal Democrats’ Saul Alinsky playbook.

It is all Fakenews because the Chairman said in a radio interview later that because of me, on Monday the 12th, he had to explain to the media and place negative media attention upon our Party when it was him being the spokesman of the conspirators creating the attention we don’t want.  Why?

This was John Whitbeck’s coverup and diversion for his own lack of leadership.  It was a diversion from the establishment GOP’s losing the last 10 statewide races – which in this radio interview he blames on me.  And above all, it was his participation in a conspiracy to hurt the Tim Hannigan campaign for Chairman of the Fairfax County GOP and our best chance of real change in Virginia.

On Saturday the 10th, Tim Hannigan looked like the conservative super star at the Womens Club debate in Annandale.  Not only did “Low Energy-Part Time” Mike Ginsberg look like more of the same, his ardent campaign supporter and current Fairfax County GOP Chairman, “Mad Matt”, Matt Ames, was triggered into a wild, unseemly outburst by one of the questions that was asked to his candidate, Ginsberg.

Matt Ames rushed all hot and bothered up to the front of the debate stage and he interrupted the debate!

Ames stopped Mike Ginsberg from answering a question and yelled at the moderators for not revealing that question to him before the debate (does anyone remember the liberal debate moderator who actually DID do that for Hillary Clinton just before the debate with Donald Trump?).

The crowd booed Matt Ames and it was the most embarrassing moment I have ever seen at a political event.  Team Mike Ginsberg left the debate with their tails between their legs.  They left desperate for a well prepared fakenews distraction.  They urgently needed a diversion.  And by the next evening, they settled on me as their best bet to change the subject.  Late evening on the 11th they decided to launch the smear-Fredy Burgos campaign and to launch the next day, on the February 12th.

(For the audio in full context of the meltdown of the Fairfax County GOP Chairman, Ginsberg supporter, Matt Ames, Meltdown starts 1:49 into the audio, click here. FCRC Debate Interruption 2-10-18)

The conspirators, the Congresswoman Barbara Comstock backed Ginsberg campaign, John Whitbeck, and Bearing Drift had a week of scheduling media coverage and distribution of the hit piece written by their liberal, pretend-conservative allies at Bearing Drift.

In fact, after my first counter-attack blog posts rejecting their hate filled screeds against me, John Whitbeck even attempted to distance himself from the group he has been the mouthpiece for.  In the radio interview I mention, he says of Bearing Drift, that if you scroll down you will see that most of their energy is devoted to attacking Republicans.  Isn’t that nice of him to notice, as he continues to be the puppet of Bearing Drift?

Scheduling John Whitbeck on radio talk shows to spend an entire hour trashing me and dragging my name through the mud along with Tim Hannigan, was all because of me.  He says it is all my fault and I should just resign and go away.

On Monday the 12th, John Whitbeck already had a 7:45am radio interview with socialized medicine supporter, John Frederick, to distribute the false accusations in order to pressure me to resign.

Chairman Whitbeck chose not to be quiet and go through the Party Plan process, RPV constitution, to remove me but to “support any effort taken to remove”,  bang the drums for a public display of a lynching of an excellent volunteer for the Party.  John Whitbeck has made an embarrassing spectacle of himself by his conduct.

This is an act of slimy politicians not an act of virtuous individuals.

They are the ones who don’t wish to grow the Party.  They have no plan except more of the same losing ways that will keep Viriginia Blue.  They will demotivate the very grassroots donors and volunteers we need to win by their attacks on me.  One of their attack letters on me which also criticize President Trump, have even been quoted at Blue Virginia which recognizes their hypocrisy.

If we want to appeal to people of faith, to immigrants, to Spanish speaking Hispanics and to conservatives, they need to find a different issue than their phony, hate-filled “Fredy Burgos is a bigot who hates Jews” campaign.  They need to do exactly what President Trump did do, exactly what President Reagan urged at the 1974 Conservative Political Action Conference: hold up a banner of no pale pastels, but of bold and vibrant colors.  Smearing me wont’ save them, and won’t work as a diversion.  It is possible that they might pressure the Republican State Central Committee to remove me.  But they will never wipe away the stench and stink of their use of such tactics on the undersigned.


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