Why John Whitbeck should step aside this Saturday

The real truth about what they are scheming to do this Saturday in Richmond, Virginia and why kicking Fredy Burgos off the GOP State Committee is so wrong

(Fri.3/23) The phony charge that Fredy Burgos (your undersigned writer) is anti-Semitic, is and was a desperate attempt to unfairly influence the election for GOP Chairman of Fairfax County and stop the grassroots conservative from winning.  It was blatant interference with local GOP autonomy.  It was the exercise of watching liberal GOP Bearing Drift and leftwing Blue Virginia blogs pull the strings of their puppets, Republican leaders John C. Whitbeck, Jr. and Matt Ames.

I am writing to appeal for fairness in the “kangaroo court” proceeding that is scheduled for this Saturday morning in Richmond, Virginia, where a large majority of the Republican State Central Committee has already pronounced me as guilty before they have even heard my side.

Yes, they have scheduled a hearing before the vote, and allocated to me 15 minutes to try to undo the damage of nearly 6 weeks of an online web and mainstream media blitz including radio talk show appearances and emails by the GOP state chairman and county chairman, by a liberal and a leftwing blog.

What they are scheming to do in a conference room in Richmond, is a worse display of a tainted and unfair proceeding, than anything we have seen with Robert Mueller so far.

Anyone knows that if any judge in any courtroom in America, pronounced you guilty in advance of the trial, he would be instantly disqualified as the judge.

Yet for some reason, the State GOP Chairman and those who have signed their name on a document claiming I am guilty of being a “racist and a bigot” think that’s fair.

I think each of them who have biased themselves should recuse themselves from this vote and not even be there at Saturday.

Most of us – except perhaps for some moderate and liberal Republicans who side with the Democrats on this issue as on others – would agree that it is totally unfair that “Independent Counsel” Robert Mueller has stacked the deck with attorneys who have donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton and who hate Donald Trump.

How can they then do a fair and impartial investigation of President Trump and his top aides if they are clearly biased?  All of them with such a background should be disqualfied.

So too should GOP State Chairman John C. Whitbeck, Jr. and the members of the State Central Committee who spoke out in advance that I am guilty.  It is totally unfair of them to pretend that they are going to listen to my presentation and then make a decision.  Each of them has already announced their decision, and they should be disqualified.

Lets examine the real reason that a number of these establishment Republicans are on the warpath about me, Fredy Burgos.  They all know the truth.  Do you?

It has been no secret that I have been part of the inner circle of the Tim Hannigan for Fairfax County GOP Chairman for one year, since the very beginning.  

We helped build the template to win the election and strategy to defeat Democrats and Make Fairfax Great Again.

I was attracted to support Tim Hannigan because I know he shares the views of President Reagan and President Donald Trump, that we should, as Reagan said at the 1974 Conservative Political Action Conference, “hold up a banner of no pale pastels but of bold and vibrant colors” to win future elections.

President Trump even carried two states that no Republican has carried in decades – Pennsylvania and Michigan – to beat Hillary Clinton.

This is the strategy of Tim Hannigan – to hold up a banner of our issues, and to organize more effectively, so that we find new friends for our cause and our party and we start winning again.

As no doubt you are aware, not everyone in the GOP agrees with this idea.  Today as back in the time of Ronald Reagan, there are some Republicans who think the best way to win elections, is to mimic the liberal-left on issues.

The sad truth is, they never learn their lesson, these losers.  They keep using a strategy that turns off the volunteers and the donors who have helped the Republican Party win in the past.  They toss aside the issues that appeal to the center-right majority of voters.

So what did they try and fail to do in Fairfax, Virginia this past Saturday?

Spearheaded by the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman, John Whitbeck, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, County Supervisor Pat Herrity, the inner circle of the Mike Ginsberg for Chairman, the former Fairfax County GOP Chairman Matt Ames, liberal blog Bearing Drift, and other liberal GOP operatives, they built up the election as a referendum to the racist, bigoted, hateful, Fredy Burgos, by constantly tying me to now, Chairman of the Fairfax County GOP, Tim Hannigan.

In short, they literally used the Saul Alinsky tactics of smear and demonize, which are constantly being used on President Trump, our party and our top leaders, to single me out and try to make me into their winning issue.

To do this they had to convince people that I am a bigot, a racist and a hateful person.  They had to lie and tell people that I hate Jews and don’t want to allow them to even run for office.  

Although it made me very sad not to be with my friends and to enjoy the victory of Tim Hannigan this past Saturday at the Fairfax County Convention, I decided two weeks ago not to attend, so as to deprive the liberal, moderate and establishment Republicans of their phony “issue.”

The outcome of the convention left me elated.

The grassroots GOP voters of Fairfax County, in convention assembled this past Saturday, didn’t want anything to do with those establishment issueless Republicans and their politics of smear.

Those who actually know me, the same people who elected me to State Central, know that the accusations are false.  In fact, the only thing “hateful” is their smear of me.

In fact, I think that the constant drumbeat of blatant lies about me told by State Chairman John C. Whitbeck, Jr. and Fairfax County (now gone) Chairman Matt Ames provided more energy and helped to remove this arrogant liberal establishment from Fairfax County Republican Committee leadership by a landslide margin.   

That’s right.  The result of the establishment manufactured referendum on Fredy Burgos and Tim Hannigan was a historic conservative landslide victory for Tim Hannigan, 65%-35%.  Tea Party and other conservatives have given Republicans in Virginia hope for statewide races.  Tim Hannigan’s vision and leadership will energize the grassroots of the Party in the largest locality in the state.

Is there any doubt, any question, that this is exactly the same smear tactics they have used on first candidate and now President Donald Trump?

No matter what he says, no matter what he does, they always bellow and complain that President Trump is a racist, a bigot, and a hateful fellow who should be thrown out, and never mind his winning the election.

I honestly think that if President Trump were to cure cancer tomorrow morning, there would still be liberal-left Democrats and even some Republicans who would still want to impeach him in the afternoon.

What does this conservative victory in Fairfax, Virginia, mean for conservatives and for Republicans who hope to win statewide elections in Virginia in the future, after the establishment liberals have lost 10 such races in a row?

It means that at last, the Republican Party in Fairfax will focus its future campaigns on the issues of concern to the voters we want to appeal to.  

We can again become the party of Ronald Reagan in Fairfax County.  We can join the rest of the Republican Party in America by becoming an issue-focused, pro-President Trump party.

The victory of Tim Hannigan is bad news for liberal Democrats who always give us their advice that we should be a Party that emulates and copies them and echoes their issues.  

On Saturday the GOP in Fairfax County rejected that losing strategy that has only made us lose 10 consecutive statewide races in a row.

The only thing hateful is the continued use by liberal Democrats – and some Republicans who copy them – in throwing this kind of mud against those they don’t agree with.  

Their claim is that because I have spoken out strongly in favor of the issues of concern to the same constituency that elected Donald Trump as President and just elected Tim Hannigan by a landslide margin in Fairfax – the values voters, an increasing number of immigrants and blacks and voters interested in conservative solutions not liberal “me-too” and issueless politicians – therefore, they claim, Fredy Burgos is a racist, a bigot and acts in a hateful way.

The victory in Fairfax, Virginia should send a message, loud and clear, that the grassroots of our party wants issue-focused campaigns in the future.  They don’t want to see our party leaders echoing Democrats in just doing all of this name-calling.

Yes, the victory of the Tea Party and a conservative candidate in the most liberal region of Virginia is a loud and clear referendum.  

I hope you will speak out on this – we have less than 24 hours left until this Kangaroo Court convenes in Richmond.  Join me in demanding that everyone who said in advance that I am guilty, without ever hearing my side of it first, should be disqualified.  Starting with GOP State Cahirman John C. Whitbeck, Jr., who is an attorney, who graduated from law school so he ought to be better informed than anyone how wrong it has been for him to prejudge me, and then pretend to be a fair judge.  

It is up to the members of the State Central Committee to listen to the grassroots of Fairfax County, Virginia and keep the loyal GOP fighter, Fredy Burgos, on the State Central Committee.  I won’t let you down.


To help me and to stay in touch (free e-newsletter subscription), write to me at Fredy@BurgosTruth.comor write c/o my Facebook page.  I deeply appreciate the public expressions of support from so many on my Facebook page and here at my website.  You can donate to help me continue the fight. Standing up and fighting takes time and effort. Writing and traveling to spread the truth and help grow the conservative movement can be done with your help. To counter my attackers who are using State and County GOP funds for their defamation of character, Saul Alinsky style attacks on me. Thank you all and God bless you.


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