The best way President Trump can defend the Constitution is to fire Rod Rosenstein


by Fredy Burgos

(4/11/18) Please join me in demanding that the President fire the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Please write the note below, sign it, and mail it to President Trump immediately. 

The President is outraged that Rosenstein approved a raid on the President’s personal lawyer.  Would you support firing Rod Rosenstein?

Independent Counsel Robert Mueller was authorized to raid the offices and files of the President’s attorney.  This is a deep-state assault on the Constitution

This raid marks the death of attorney client privilege.  The end of your and my 6th Amendment right to be allowed to conduct a defense against a government prosecutor.

President Trump should immediately fire the Deputy Attorney general who authorized this raid by the so-called “independent” counsel.

If you agree sign and mail the enclosed postcard.  Consider what is at stake.

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibits the government from “search and seizure” except when there is probable cause of a crime.

Robert Mueller was engaged in a witch hunt, pure and simple.  There was NO “probable cause.”

Besides shredding the Constitution’s 4th Amendment, Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also make a mockery of the 6th amendment right to have legal counsel.

How can anyone have a competent legal defense, if the prosecutor can simply raid your attorney’s files at will and help himself to the details of your defense?

Even the liberal constitutional attorney, Alan Dershowitz, said this raid marked “the death of attorney-client privilege.”

But aside from Dershowitz, where’s the rest of the so-called civil libertarians like the liberal-left lawyer lobby called the American Civil Liberties Union?

President Barack Obama complained bitterly about the limitations placed on government by the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.

Obama hated seeing any restrictions on the government.  He wanted unlimited power.

We call that a dictatorship, plain and simple.

When the government can do anything it wants, when checks and balances get thrown out the window, when the limitations placed on government are destroyed, America is in deep trouble.

When somebody tries to defend themselves from their own government or from prosecution or in any lawsuit, we have always respected the confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship.

But the deep state government as authorized by Rod Rosenstein, just raided the attorney offices of the President of the United States.

What safety can the rest of us mere citizens think the Bill of Rights can give us, if they can do this to the duly elected President of our country?

Can you imagine if Attorney General Jeff Sessions were to approve of a similar raid on Hillary Clinton, who we believe is guilty of real crimes, not these made-up crimes that liberals accuse President Trump of?

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein authorized not just a raid on the personal attorney of President Donald Trump, but a raid on our Constitution.

Please join me in telling President Trump that you support his immediate dismissal of Rod Rosenstein.

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Remember, Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly about her role in government – enriching herself, her husband, her daughter, their private foundation, as Secretary of State of the United States.

Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence including tens of thousands of emails after they were subpoenaed.

Hillary Clinton has financed a phony research paper used by Rod Rosensein, the FBI and the Justice Department, to persuade a FISA court to approve surveillance of Donald Trump.

Can you imagine if there was a raid on Hillary Clinton’s lawyers to try to break up the coverup of her crimes?

The President should fire Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General.  

Please write, sign the enclosed note below and send your donation to me at BurgosTRUTH.  Thank you.

**(Please send this note, sign it, and mail it to President Trump immediately.)

Dear President Trump

I totally support your firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  

The most recent and most serious reason is that he authorized a raid on your attorney’s law offices and files, which is an assault on the 4th and 6th Amendment of the Constitution.

You have my strong support in your efforts to make America great again. Fire Rod Rosenstein.


xxx(Print and sign your name.)xx

Mailing address:

Hon. Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500


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