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Virginia GOP Chairman needs scapegoat after losing 10 Races

John Whitbeck chooses me as his scapegoat, Fredy Burgos, the one conservative, Church-going, Spanish speaking Hispanic immigrant on GOP State Central Committee by Fredy@BurgosTRUTH.com As by now most Americans know, Virginia has gone from being a reliably red state which elected Republican Senators, Governors and gave its electoral college votes to Republican candidates for President, […]

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My response to John Whitbeck Demand to Resign

The Only Church-going conservative, Spanish Speaking, Hispanic, Immigrant Member of VA GOP State Central Committee Responds to Notice to Expel Him from State Chairman by Fredy Burgos, GOP State Central Committee Member, Editor, BurgosTRUTH.com (subscribe Fredy@BurgosTRUTH.com) I have now received official word that there will be a meeting to remove me from the GOP State […]

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Fredy Burgos Reply to VA GOP Chairman Demand to Resign and notice of meeting to Expel

Breaking News (summary).  Having just received notice of a meeting of the GOP State Central Committee for Virginia to remove him from that body, Fredy Burgos responded by saying he will not resign his seat but looks forward to having his day in court and the opportunity to confront his accusers. Fredy repudiates the lies […]

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Fredy Burgos Rejects VA GOP Lynch Mob Demand to Resign

By Fredy Burgos, Fredy@BurgosTRUTH.com (Thurs. 2/22) I received notice tonight of a meeting to expel me from the GOP State Central Committee, signed by John Whitbeck, VA GOP Chairman, which concludes with this false and defamatory statement: “Your bigoted attacks on Catholics, Jews, Muslims, immigrants and many other groups on social media have led to […]

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Should I resign from my GOP Leadership Position?

By Fredy Burgos, Fredy@BurgosTruth.com (Wed 2/21) Let me address the irony of this liberal and establishment Republican effort to exclude me, an elected GOP state committeeman and loyal GOP volunteer worker, from our party leadership.  I say it is ironic, because only a few weeks ago on January 16, we celebrated here in Virginia and […]

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